Our Process

Our goal is to create your dream build. Whatever that may look like, we'll design and construct your ideas into reality. Whether thats a Custom Pumptrack, Progressive Jump Line, Downhill Flow Trail, or a combination of all, were stoked to make it happen!

Step 1: Plan

It all starts with a vision. When you complete our online request form, our team digs into a variety of factors, and generates a no-obligation quote. If you're in close proximity, we can provide a free in-person consultation before generating your quote. If you're too far away for an on-site visit, we will gain the information we need remotely.

Step 2: Design

Our goal is to customize your build exactly how you'd like it. We'll take all your ideas and create a design that encompasses those elements while fitting the measurements of the given space.

Step 3: Build

This is the exciting part! Once we have an accepted design, signed contract, and 50% deposit, we can schedule the logistics process including reserving local machinery rentals, scheduling deliveries of build materials, and booking travel accommodations. Once we break ground, the real fun begins.

Step 4: Ride

As we approach completion, you will be given the chance for a test ride. We want you to feel comfortable with the difficulty of your trail before it's too late to make changes. Upon finishing, you'll have the option to enroll in a continual maintenance program, or choose to handle maintenance personally. As riders progress and crave more advanced features, well we waiting on your call to upgrade. Your backyard bike park can be as small as you'd like.

Ready to build your own bike park?

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