Step 1: Plan

It all starts with a vision. While some of you may know exactly what you want, most of our clients prefer our input on what would work best in their space.  Our online request form gives you the chance to explain exactly what your dream build entails and gives our team the necessary information to prepare a quote for you. If you are in close proximity to our Lake Tahoe office, we can provide an in-person consultation. If your remote, we will gain the information we need remotely, and charge a small fee for a site visit if need be.

Step 2: Design

Our goal is to customize your build exactly how you'd like it. We all have different riding interests and capabilities, and we take that into consideration when generating a design for your space. After gathering all necessary information on your project, our team will create hand-written sketches of your proposed layouts for free you to review and revise. If you'd like a 3d render, we'll add a small design fee based on complexity.

Step 3: Build

This is the exciting part! Once we have an accepted contract and deposit, we will schedule the machinery rentals, deliveries of build materials, and bookings of our travel accommodations. We'll also submit a build notice to your local authorities, so they can mark your underground utilities, and secure a grading permit if need be. Most of our projects are competed un under 1 month.

Step 4: Ride

As we approach completion, you will be asked to test ride our work and ensure your happy with it. Upon finishing, you'll have the option to enroll in a continual maintenance program. We recommend at least 1 or 2 tune ups per year, especially after the winter. As your riding progresses, our team will be happy to add on change up your design to keep it fresh! The rest is up to you to add your personal touches!

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