Attention: all home owners in the United States of America with an underutilized yard.

Our goal is to help families and friends ride more!

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Everyone has a unique ride style. The benefit of having your own custom built bike park, is that we can reflect taste of trail the best while designing and creating your project. Although most yards have limit options, we'll bring out the greatest potential of your given space!

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Common Questions

What types of projects do you do?

We cover a wide range of projects within the 2 wheeled industry.  This includes the design & construction of pump tracks, downhill flow trails, singletrack, wooden berms, freestyle ramps, and airbags. We also work with various materials including asphalt and concrete.  In addition, we also build dirtbike tracks, and skateboard ramps.

How much does it cost?

Our past projects have ranged from $5,000 - $100,000.  There are many factors that determine the total cost, but the largest one is your properties topography.  If your land is generously sloped, has good dirt, and easily accessable, this makes for a great template for trail building.  When working with flat pieces of property, hundreds of yards of dirt are required to build jumps and berms, which can get very costly.

How long do your projects usually take?

The majority of our smaller projects are completed within 1 week, but longer length trails may take up to a month or more.  Sometimes it is beneficial to do do more of the excavating work during wet periods, then return for finishing work when its dry.

Can you help with maintenance?

Continual maintenance is very imprtant to keep your track or trail running as it should.  While we encourage you to take pride in performing routine maintenance on your own, we give you the option to enroll in a continual maintenance program at a set fee.  Pricing will reflect the size & location of your project.  With continual maintenance we can add to the existing design and increase the size of your jumps as your skills continue to grow!

What regions do you service?

We are headquartered in Verdi, CA but we serve the entire United States of America.  

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