About us

Owners Kevin Sofia and Kyle Tynan

have been building trails since they were children. Without having a local bike park, their backyards and nearby woods were templates for many dirt jumps over the years.

Kevin Sofia PRODIRT

Growing up in Northern New Jersey, there wasn't much of a riding scene, and building trails was a matter of necessity if they wanted something to ride. After entering into adulthood, Kevin & Kyle took up various career paths, but the passion for trail building never wavered. Around the time that Kevin began getting fed up with his corporate desk job, and Kyle with his Masonry Company, the two began observing the major growth of the mountain biking industry taking place around the country. As a result of googling "trail builder jobs", and realizing there is a potential career in this industry, Kevin put in his two weeks and set sail on a new path. One trail crew job led to the next, eventually spiraling into the idea of ProDirt, a backyard focused trail building company! In 2018, After pitching the proposal of a backyard bike park to a Truckee home owner that his girlfriend was babysitting for, ProDirt gained their first client. After some word of mouth, and a bit of marketing, ProDirt had began to gain traction, and the rest is history! With nearly 100 completed backyard projects, the passion to build has only grown deeper, and their mission is to create as many opportunities as possible for people to ride more!

Kyle Tynan PRODIRT

Message from the crew:

Each new project means another week living the dream, and doing what we love, which is creating fun stuff to ride your bike on! We're grateful for all the clients we've had the opportunity to work for, and excited for the future ones! Thank you for your support.

Common Questions

What types of projects do you do?

We cover the design & construction of all types of trails, and all surface materials including asphalt and concrete.  We also build dirtbike tracks, and skateboard miniramps.

How much does it cost?

With each project requiring different resources, all pricing reflects the specific project at hand.  For a rough estimate you can toggle with our "Project Estimator" tool. We do offer financing, so if you'd prefer to pay zero down for your bike park, that is an option.  Find more info on this in the footer links.

How long do your projects usually take?

The majority of our projects take 3-4 days.  This includes small pumptracks and/or wood kicker installs.  For larger projects such as flow trails or complex wood features, you can expect a 1-4 week construction period.

Can you help with maintenance?

When you hire us to construct your project, you will have the option to enroll in a continual maintenance program.  Pricing will reflect the size & location of your project.  Often our clients will hire us back to further enhance their existing project as their riding skills improve.

What regions do you service?

We are headquartered near Lake Tahoe, along the California / Nevada border, but we serve the entire United States of America.

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